Robots could soon read your mind

Robots could soon read your mind:

Reporter Jon Dean writes,

Initially this will be used for security as a kind of ‘pass thought’ – the user thinks of a specific song or thought which the device recognises and then unlocks itself.

But a panel at the World Economic Forum, in Davos, warned of the terrifying possibility of hackers reading people’s innermost thoughts.

Nita Farahany, professor of Law and philosophy at Duke University, said: “Beyond two-factor idenitification…is using neural signatures – ‘pass thoughts’.

Technology always advances faster than what society can allow.. we are living in a newer age however where not only will we not adapt, but we will struggle to even keep up. Heck, I am having a rough time even trying to manage and peruse all of the newest social networking applications that Pop Culture tells me I should have. 

But tech reading minds?
I am actually inclined to ponder if the so called mind reading would actually be junk science? Maybe the robots will be considered factual even though they will be dead wrong.

And imagine a future!! Judges!! Juries!! All made up of tech!? You’re on the stand and a machine watches your every movement, gauges your body temperature.. and figures out you’re a guilty party in whatever crime the BOT Prosecutor decided you did. Justice. 2.0.

Yes indeed.
The future is now. 

The challenge is coming up with laws tomorrow for the advancements of yesterday. It just does not make much sense.