The truth was. Is. And will be out there

Call this a bit of PR in light of the return of X-FILES Sunday .. But the story is interesting. And I have no reason to doubt what Chris Carter told Lee Speigel in the HUFFINGTON POST..

“I had someone come up to me during the original run of the series, who said they worked in some high place in a secret government agency, [and] said that we were very close to the truth,” Carter told The Huffington Post.

“I didn’t know whether to take that person at their word or not. I can tell you this: When I wrote the [1993] pilot, I called the FBI to do some research, and they were nice enough, but didn’t really give me the time of day.

"Then, all of a sudden, as we got close to airing, the FBI called and said, ‘Who are you and what are you doing?’ And for a second, I thought it was going to be the long arm of the law coming in to shut me down.”

This reminds me of those fabulous 1990s.. Although I’ll admit, I was actually not the biggest fan of the X FILES during its heyday–something most are shocked to hear from me. But I was a fan of SIGHTINGS on FOX.. Art Bell on radio.. reruns of the 70s show narrated by SPOCK. All of the weirdness and unsolved mysteries that, for some reason, the 1990s was able to market on a massive basis and allow to be seen by people in living rooms with the X FILES show..

The truth is out there.. I firmly believe that. And the truth is within us. We all have a BS meter and if we are in tune with ourselves enough, that meter is usually right.

In the case of Chris Carter? I think I sense .. he’s right. And not lying.

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