Pacific Northwest in fear of massive earthquake, tsunami

Pacific Northwest in fear of massive earthquake, tsunami:

It has happened before. It will happen..

But the strange thing is how often this story is being talked about more and more as if late.

As the report states,

“It buckles upward and it gets pushed backward like a spring until eventually, after a few hundred years, it just has to let go,” Oregon State earthquake geologist Chris Goldfinger explains.

For 25 years, Goldfinger has warned of the possibility of disaster. He and other scientists have been collecting core samples of sediment from the ocean floor.

They’ve discovered that major earthquakes happen here an average of every 240 years. The last major Cascadia earthquake was 315 years ago.

The “Big One,” scientists say, is overdue.

There are lots of disasters overdue around the world lately.

Hope they stay that way.