Nearly 1,000 traffic accidents have been reported Friday across the entire state of Virginia as a potentially historic blizzard hits the D.C. area.

Without a doubt, that same situation will be playing out Saturday over the rest of the Northeast being hit by Blizzardo Diablo.

I was awake mighty early today and saw the crippling blizzard destroy all sense of life outside my window.. and I heard a car and saw headlights down the street.. I watched with amazement at a minim van trudge through snow. Who was it? The person delivering my POTTSVILLE REPUBLICAN AND HERALD newspaper! 


Giving kudos to you, unnamed FishWrapper.. 

And keep those in your thoughts today, the people who actually have to make it through snow to keep your life happy.. those like mail delivery people. Doctors and nursing getting to work..workers restoring power after accidents or wind damage.. and even maybe the lowly paid pizza delivery person.. 

Be careful no matter whether you’re playing or working.. Diablo is unkind.

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