Blizzard 2016: Winter storm affects millions –

Blizzard 2016: Winter storm affects millions –

This is how CNN is trying to scare you:

Up to 85 million people are in the path of a worsening winter storm that’s iced up much of the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic.

Snow is coming down, but when the storm goes into the Atlantic Ocean on Saturday morning, it will supercharge, CNN Meteorologist Chad Myers said.

It has been a while since we had a blizzard, but not a while since we have had snow..

1996 was the last time I can recall a storm of this magnitude in my Pennsylvania backyard, at that time the DC and PHILLYITES and NYCers had to deal with it too..

This generation now? They don’t know what it means to have to jump to spat. 

But in all seriousness, the entire drum up to this storm all week reminded me a lot of the scenes from Stephen King’s STORM OF THE CENTURY with the older woman becomes frightened in her house watching new coverage of that impending disaster, only to have her door knocked on by Andre Linoge as he prowled the night looking for a child spawn of Satan..

So .. if YOU get a knock on your door today, peek out before you let ….Andre… in

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