The curse of the Powerball: The house always wins

It seems hard to believe—really hard to believe as a matter of fact .But tonight’s big Powerball jackpot is likely to cross over the $1.5 BILLION range.. B for Billion. Unless you’ve been under a rock, you know that tonight’s money eliminates the ‘race to the million.’ Now we’re playing with fire.. now we have made it big time. If someone wins the jackpot tonight—imagine just one ticket winning—they are a billionaire. After taxes a bit less, but the gross amount nonetheless will solidify them in gambling halls of fame. 

I already spent my money on one ticket. Just one.. nothing more. No office pools or needless cash awards to the local convenient store for me. Just one ticket would win it.. But the more I think about this big billionaire bonanza, the more I actually am inclined to NOT win the lottery.

I would be curious on what you think out there about this?

Some of you may say you want the money.. some may desire the cold hard cash without any thought to it. It may solve some problems, pay off bills, complete your life’s dreams and create a new path and destiny you never imagined. Lifestyles and the rich and famous, caviar dreams, and all of those other things that fly high with wealth in the drivers’ seat of power brokering.

But I almost want to give back my ticket.

I have long believed, without much evidence mind you, that the lottery is a hoax. A pipe dream for 99.99% of people who don’t win. They spend the last of their paychecks with the slim hope of winning big money. When that does not happen , they light up a cig and cart their oxygen tanks to the local casino to finish off their fundage with the spending money they found under couch cushions. This may say brutal and cruel, but there’s no debating it. Go to your local casino, should you have on in your local area.. Here in Pennsylvania, I have two within 45 minutes.. And Jersey within 2 hours. And lotteries everywhere, baby. It’s gambling Mecca. With nothing to show for it, except towns and villages addicted to heroin, roads not being paved, families torn apart by violence and war, and a nation where a middle class has vanished to never be found again.

Yes, the lottery can put your wealth above others. But you’re just going to make your bad habits richer and more vibrant.. basically giving steroids to your undercurrent of mania below the daily surface results your face showcases.

You can read the stories for yourself, lottery winners happy one day and dead the next. In prison the next. Broke the next. Without a family to talk to them the next… murdered the next. It is all documented.

Some winners are still winners—they were strong morally and mentally before it and the money is separate from who they are. But those who become the money, those who engross themselves with the winnings, they are the ones who have no luck at all. When the ego is made rich, it takes over the entire soul.

 Easy for my to say, I don’t have $1.5 billion in my wallet. Maybe after 11pm tonight I will. 

In which case I will re-read this post and ponder if it should be deleted.. Or highlights bigger for all to see.


 Good luck in the lottery. 

Someone’s life or lives may change tonight.

If you strike a big one, give me a donation. And tomorrow when you awake, don’t lose sight of who you were yesterday.




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