I don’t think 2016 will be a good year for horror movies. Especially 31

SLATE has a review of the new January horror movie THE FOREST. I didn’t get the warm and fuzzies from the David Ehrlich piece, he really hated the movie. I am not going to see it most likely, but I bet people will.

There is something always successful when you consider January horror. It’s the come off of Christmas feeling people get. I noticed that a long, long time ago now (too long and too quick) with a quick January PG-13 hit called DARKNESS FALLS.

The one interesting thing about this movie this year, THE FOREST, is that it is loosely based off of real events.. The forest in Japan where people go to commit suicide is all too real and very unexplained..

Speaking of horror, there are lots of lists being compiled on the movies in 2016 you should see.. ’31’ is included with this IGN list of 12 movies. In my opinion, that makes it 11 movies you should see. I just cannot and will not get into this 31 film, regardless of anything.. And quite frankly, all of the rest of the movies look like awful.

We all may have disagreed on here in the past regarding 31 and Rob Zombie. I just never caught myself enjoying much of his work–though I will never deny any of your arguments back to me that he is creative and talented.

Take HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES for example (and keep it). When I went to see it in a theater, forgive me if I wrote this before, but I was accompanied by three friends–one of whom would eventually become my wife. We were sitting peacefully in the theater, surrounded by Zombie fans who were sporting chains and had metal studs connecting their faces to each other. With each death scene, they clapped and laughed. At one particular scene, there was a rousing standing ovation. My friends and I went to Perkins after for a midnight breakfast, and for at least 10 minutes were so speechless that all we could do was order our food and stare at each other in silence.

I think in that sense, Zombie accomplishes his goal. That goal, though, is not the goal for me when I go to see a horror flick.

The 31 MOVIE is rated R. It was NC-17 a few times over, as we reported here previously. Allowances were made and scenes were cut in order to reduce the perverse sexual violence. But…for those upset they will not see torture porn, no fear: The BLU-RAY DVD release will feature it all. Uncensored.

My friends and I will not see it, though. Maybe breakfast at midnight would be fun.. but not after a ZOMBIE flick.