Your soul is for sale tonight. For $800 mil

Tonight, the POWEBALL is powerful.. set over $800 mil (if no one wins this could get to a billion) ..

I am going to buy my ticket and I suspect you will buy yours. Got to be in it to win it, right?

This could be a blowout for the victor.. Or a curse.

There are always dreams of the but jackpot.. the fantasy of the fancy cars and fine wine that come along with any victory in the lottery game. But there are equally concerns. I think we all have seen those specials on TV  or the concerning documentary about people who won the lottery, people like you and me who were normal (we are, right). People who just tried making it in life and suddenly had millions in cold hard cash leaped on their heads. They fell apart. . . did they live some luxury lives?

Some. For a while. And then their families and friendships dissolved.. Often suicide and murder took place..

The money was a hoax of happiness, a curse and blemish on their once normal lives. But normal lives have struggles. Bills are due and often they bite, coming out of no where when you least expect them. Yes. Dreams of the lottery are amazing.. dreams.. The odds tonight are that 1 in 292 million people will win the big record $800 million Powerball.×350/607ca627670f146a6722a71ac0eedc22/ctm_lottery.jpg

The rest of us will still be dreaming. Maybe it’s safer to dream than scurry away from the blinding lights of pop culture and media attention.