Time 1. Library 0

In the purity of the 2016 prediction that books are going to make a triumphant return to our collective lives in the world, me and my entire family joined the library!

Very exciting stuff..

It was actually pretty awsome to see my son pick out some of his own books that he wanted to take out..walk them up to the librarian desk, and ‘buy’ them as he said.. I also did the same, as did my wife..

The problem now is this: when will we actually get the chance to read the books that we took out!?

Time is not just a magazine, it is a very horrid fact of life. Time beats on and as it does, the moments are fleeting..

Escaping from your grasp are the chances to do little things. The big things take over, and so often things that have no importance take over just the same.
So yes, we joined a library. We want to read. Now all of us, from the 35 year of parents down to the 5 year old son, need to find the chance to actually read.

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