SPACE BALLS over Vietnam..

Officials in Vietnam are probing strange ‘space balls’ that fell from the sky onto the land of the nation January 2.. Dispatches from the AFP files hours previous to now say this:

Vietnam’s military is investigating the appearance of three mysterious metal balls — believed to be debris from space — which landed in the country’s remote north, a senior army official said Friday.


Two metal balls were discovered in northwestern Yen Bai province on January 2, army spokesman Lieutenant General Vo Van Tuan told AFP.

Later a larger ball weighing some 45 kilograms (100 pounds) landed in a maize field in neighbouring Tuyen Quang province, he said.

“We are still identifying where they came from,” he said, adding the army had determined they did not contain explosives or hazardous material.

The metal balls fell from the sky, he said, scaring local residents.

“Before and after these objects were discovered, the Vietnamese army was not conducting any military activity in the region,” Tuan said.

Witnesses claim thunder like sounds before the balls hit the ground..

If your memory serves you right, you will recall a similar story back in November of this year.. Then, widespread global reports indicated that metal balls kept landing on a remote village in Spain.. Then, it was report:

Three mysterious objects, which have reportedly fallen from space, are freaking out villagers in southern Spain.

Residents from villages in Murcia have been perplexed by a series of objects landing in their fields. The first ball was found on Tuesday November 3 by two shepherds in Calasparra. A second object was found in earlier this week in Villavieja. And just a few days ago, yet another was found in Elda.

Freaking out indeed–a freakout that has now spread to Vietnam months after the Spain ball dropping..


Back in 2011, space balls were falling from the sky over Africa! And the story that year said that similar balls were also dropping Latin America!

Made of a “metal alloy known to man,” the 13-pound ball is about 43 inches in circumference and landed roughly 480 miles from the Namibian capital of Windhoek. And it turns out it’s not alone. Apparently several similar objects have fallen across the southern hemisphere (in Australia and Latin America as well as elsewhere in Africa) over the past couple of decades.

The sky often falls.
The pattern of a skyball is made of metal balls .. Balls of fire and balls of steel.

It’s all fun and games until that balls falls on you..

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