The demon next to the baby.. This is really, really silly. But for the fun of it, a link to the story and brief synopsis of the baby’s friend, the demon in the womb.

This is going viral.. The very TABLOID UK SUN reports:

WHAT should have been a heart-warming experience for expectant parents turned into a chilling moment as a bizarre demon-shaped figure was found lurking in an ultrasound image.

The snap has gone viral since it was posted on imgur a day ago under the headline ‘A friend’s ultrasound. When you see it …’, where visitors to the site quickly picked up on the disturbing presence of the ‘demon’, seen in the top right-hand corner of the mother’s womb.

The sinister grainy outline has divided commentators, as some insist the shape resembles a mythical creature, while others among the 710,000 social media users to have seen the page insist it depicts something more sinister.

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