‘Making a Murderer’ victim speaks about sending innocent man to jail

‘Making a Murderer’ victim speaks about sending innocent man to jail:

Interesting story.. And it is the one part of his whole Avery story that the documentary neglected to explore in depth..

On this note, I have just begun watching the series.. Only on episode 2, though I am very aware of then murder story and the further allegations that have taken place since the 2002 exoneration of Steven Avery..

It’s an amazing documentary, very well produced, and obviously controversial since it’s an ongoing issue with a number of opinions on all sides of the issue.. The real story may be DNA, crime, and science..

Innocence until proven guilty.. Until DNA can immediately convict someone .. Or exonerate someone..

The entire judicial system is being turned on its head by progress and scientific discovery..

There are a lot of cultural and judicial ramifications. This documentary seems to be hitting a nerve..

A nerve at the core of how American justice is served. And so often not served.

This is a big deal–not just whether Avery was framed now or in the past.. but a big deal about who DNA and technology and science will change everything when it comes to the criminal justice system.


  1. Nice article. Haven’t seen this documentary yet, but anxious to. Hearing good things about it.
    Happy New Year

    Too bad about Art Bell – again.

    1. I am midway through it .. I know the story and how it ends but the documentary is great. Happy new year to you too. I still say Art comes back for a bit again this year , we will see

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