Smart phone hallucinations real!?

I know you’ve had them.. I have, too.
We all have!
The phantom feeling of your leg tingling, you go to grab for your phone and .. boom.. it’s gone. Not there. Never was. But you felt it, you KNOW you felt it! It just HAS to be there.

This is called something. Get this, this is actually quite amazing that someone is finally that real researchers are documenting the feeling that has been around for about a decade in my life. The NY POST reports,

It’s called “phantom vibration syndrome” — yes, it’s a real psychological phenomenon — and studies in the past few years have found, when surveying college undergraduates, that the majority experience a “phantom vibration” once every two weeks.

Georgia Tech School of Public Policy professor Robert Rosenberger explains the phenomenon in a recent video.

He calls it a real hallucination, and chalks it up to our phones giving us a new “learned bodily habit.”

Have the urge?
Have the feeling?
More than a feeling.
It’s all unreal!

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