Americans Confused About Cancer Risks

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Now my take.

Well when a new study comes out daily refuting the previous day’s study about what causes cancer, should there be any confusion as to why there is confusion to begin with!? Honestly, navigating through the realities of what and how to eat is difficult..

Studies about what cause cancer may actually cause cancer, according to a new study.

There are a number of recent things I have taken up concerning researching this topic. I have family and friends who have been affected.. one of my high school classmates left her family when she was in her early 30s, only two years ago. My uncle also passed away way too early in life.. A year ago a beloved co-worker of mine lost a very short a battle and died. It is horrible. Awful.

My hope is that one day soon, we will look back at chemo as wretched and unnecessary.

There are people who already say it is, people who claim that cancer can be healed with natural cures and that it can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle.

I have been trying to be increasingly healthy since my son was born in 2011. Sometimes that battle is uphill. Sometimes down.

In November of 2015, I made a choice: Vegan for four weeks. I did it, I succeeded, and I felt better. For some strange reason I ate chicken and fish a few times since. However, that may be over. Vegan lifestyle choices are coming back to mind..

I have also taken up the research aspect seriously concerning health, cancer, disease prevention, and how to maintain a good and long-standing lifestyle. Of course something obscure can afflict me, a piano could drop on me, or I can fall off a chair and behead myself. But there are also some very preventable things a human can do, and amazing choices that hopefully will lead to a better life.

I have a few suggestions for you..
The first is Holistic Habits..  Everything great, everything vibrant, and everything healing, check it out.

I love High Carb Hannah.. If you want to challenge yourself and diet, give her videos a try..

Another amazing challenging person: Gary Yourofsky.. Give him a try. And take off your blinders.

And finally, John Bergman. He’s amazing. He’s going to amaze you if you take the time to listen to his message..

The overriding issue: There are answers out there.. there are amazing people doing fantastic things to educate the populace and give them truth–truth that often industry and conglomerates have no comfort in you knowing..

Cancer’s eradication may only come when people begin to think outside the box and realize that for too long they have been playing the same role Roddy Piper did in THEY LIVE.