Asteroid 2013 TX68 was discovered in October 2013. And it’s going to be in the news March 2016

Yes, this year..

The asteroid often makes close approaches to Earth, and will make one such approach sometime between March 3 and March 8, 2016

Get this: 

While the nominal (best fit) orbit suggests that it will pass 1.3 Lunar distances (LD) from the Earth, it may pass as close as 0.061 LD (23,600 km) to the Earth or 0.032 LD (12,200 km) to the Moon- although not using the same orbit. The asteroid is only 21-52 meters across, making it approximately as twice as large as the Chelyabinsk meteor and likely creating a large fireball in the sky, and possibly an impact crater. This would create an impact between 100 and 575 meters across, assuming an impact angle of less than 45 degrees.

Here is the official NASA page on the coming event.

The Ides of March, anyone?

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