The story of the 2008 song that never existed


It’s the story of a song called ‘See you after, Babe,’ by a band called Symmetry Icon, from the year 2008.

Remember that song?

Some words..

I just wanted to be a big name
For you.But I got caught up in this craziness
Without you.We made a deal with him,
He said he’d rise us upIn exchange for something small.

I am sure you recall that song now, right?

Actually you probably don’t. (If you did, there may be some issues).. The post appears in the /nosleep Reddit thread.. the post’s author Hartijay writes ominously:

I downloaded the file and listened to it immediately. I recognized the song the second I heard it. I have no idea whether or not Hoskins is telling the truth, so I put the clip up on YouTube and sent it to some friends to see if they recognize it. They all agree this was the song, including Matt.

I don’t know what to make of this. I mean, it is kind of catchy in an out-there kind of way, and I’ve listened to it a few times just because it is kind of enjoyable and reminds me of my days in college.

Does anyone else remember “See You After, Babe” from 2008???

I just…I need to hear the whole song again, and it sucks knowing I never will.

Perhaps the creepiest part of this entire story of See You After Babe: I sort of initially recalled the song. I kind of, well, questioned my sanity afterwards.. So I sent this to my wife, who is an amateur expert on music. She did not recall it but was really bothered by the whole thing, even wondering aloud if the whole post could be REAL after all. Then I sent it to other friends, all of whom felt the same way. Creeped out even though they knew, probably, it was not real..

I went on to peruse the commentary that the post was getting on Reddit, You Tube, and @sixpenceee.. It would appear a number of people aren’t getting the hoax of it all and believing it, even desperately searching for the ‘whole song’ somewhere online..

I think that is because, deep down, we all know there have been times we have been hit with time slips–those moments when your reality is shaken to the core and no one else realized how they slipped, too.. Times when what you thought was real turns out to be a dream. Or vice versa..

So this song, this ‘2008 one hit wonder,’ seems to nicely fit into that category.

As one Reddit response went,


I Googled both the song and the group. Not sure if I am glad that the search turn up with irrelevant results. I half-expected there to be pictures of 3 guys on an album cover…


Because the story seems to real..
This is quite a legendary No Sleep Reddit story already. Guaranteed it will show up on a paranormal site near you.


  1. A “time slip” that centers around a song? How bland and uninteresting.

    BTW, of course we’ve all heard this song. Its beat sounds similar to a good portion of ‘pop music’ since 2007.

  2. I saw this on sixpenceee and I immediatly looked it up. I didn’t find anything but the lyrics to the song on metro lyrics, but that was presumably added by someone who’d heard the story. Does anyone know what the label that they signed with was? Perhaps they could help in some way, although they presumably cannot be found.

    1. I’m pretty sure that this is still a massive hoax undertaking, and a well thought out and planned one just the same. And a fun mystery to unravel

        1. I did search it .. love how the entire story is revolving into an amazing man made urban legend! Changing the past! Confusing the future! This would make a great movie.

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