Asylum-seekers in Sweden demand relocation in fear of ghosts

Asylum-seekers in Sweden demand relocation in fear of ghosts:


Several dozen refugees sheltered in a remote village in Sweden have asked authorities to relocate them, complaining the building allocated for their shelter is haunted by strange noises and flickering lights.

Swedish Migration Agency officials reported Wednesday that 35 out of 58 asylum-seekers accommodated in small village of Grannaforsa in the depths of Smaland province demanded relocation, according to AP.

The migrants complained Tuesday of suspicious sounds in facility’s plumbing system and malfunctioning electric lights.

“Doors are getting reopened by themselves,” Hamid Alojaili, a Syrian resident of the Grannaforsa facility, told local newspaper Smalandsposten. “And there is no one outside.”

The paranormal was in the news in 2015.. why not start it like that in ‘16..

Stefan Johansson, a co-owner of the facility, believes there ought to be natural explanations to the ‘ghost’ phenomena, blaming faulty wiring and slight deformations of the building’s structure caused by sudden temperature changes that eventually caused strange squeaking sounds.


But there are cultural and religious reasons that those logical explanation may not be of use in this situation..

Cultures are clashing..
Ghosts are thrashing..
Welcome to 2016..
The season of mean.

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