Hold on to 2016 as long as you can 

I want to sit down less in 2016.I sat down a lot this year.. Whether it was due to work, due to personal habits changing, or to my body aging, I found myself on a couch a lot more than I did walking, jogging, or being active. I want to change that.

I also want to change my attitude.

There are a number of things about attitudes, in general, that should be changed. There are times when, in my opinion, it’s worthwhile to see a specialist in all fields. Medicine. Astrology. Religion. Psychology.. and yes, even the voice in your own head—pick your favorite if you have multiple. Sit down with that inner self, get to know it.

That’s enough about me for a minute. Let’s talk about you.

 How many times have you looked in a mirror and really truly not seen the person you are looking at. You’re checking your hair, or makeup. You’re making sure your concealer effectively hid away the pimple or scar.. but are you really ever getting to know the person you stare at? And what is that reflection? It’s not even you.. it’s the mirror image, yes, but it’s just an image. The real you is locked behind your eyes of whatever color. The eyes are the window to the soul—the mirror is a reflection of the body.


 Get deep in yourself as the year ends and reflect the soul out. Make the body image be less important.

 Use your phone less in 2016. Not saying you should stop, but give yourself a phone free day. Actually take a walk in nature and look at trees instead of photographing them.

My wife normally is the photographer of the family. This Christmas, she did not take video or images of my son opening his giant ImagineX T-Rex dinosaur with shooting missile teeth. While we may miss the image in the future, we were still both ‘in the moment.’ The image may stay with us forever—that hopeful and amazed glimmer on a child’s face when he realized Santa did show up and the cookies were eaten. I am not saying to stop taking pictures in 2016, just maybe not 100. Ten may due just fine.


 Back to me.

I believe 2016 may be just fine.

I am going to say no to fear next year.

Yes, this website is called Night Terror News—a bit of tongue in cheek name for a site that comments on society, pop culture, entertainment, and current events. The Night Terrors are normally not real, though. There is an image I have posted before, shown here, of a monster reading news to someone frightened, locked behind a window I envision is taped shut with duct tape. That is the modern way of delivering information. Check your nightly news shows. Between the ads for prescription drugs during breaks, there is a healthy dose of fear and pestilence, disease, and murder. And politics. Who can forget politics..? 

But the fear isn’t real. The events may be, but the reaction you and I have to it is our collective choice.

In 2016, let’s choose wisely. Let’s make it extraordinary.

And yes, every once and a while, let’s slowly drink a glass of red wine, increase the raw vegetables, and cut down on meat if not rid yourself of the carcinogens completely. You’d be calmer, happier, less fearful, and stronger in 2017 if you did such.


 And speaking of 2017, that will be here before you know it, too.

So take a breather and look back in the mirror. 2015 is going…going…soon gone.

Hold on to ’16 as long as you can, changes come around real soon and make us women and men.


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