Are you trapped? Are you someone’s dinner?

Are you trapped? Are you someone’s dinner?

I sort of love this picture and hate it all at the same time.. It was snapped along Interstate 81 this week. It’s a truck moving quickly on the highway, carrying with him an endless supply of birds for consumption.. they are all stuffed in the cages driving 80 mph in cool air. It’s got to be hell on earth..

Then the next piece of hell comes with phase two: The dreadful debeaking.. then..

Have it your way.

I am not decrying the consumption of meat–though I have changed some habits over the past few months and felt better for it. Nonetheless, this picture may look different to different people. Some may say it’s beautiful, it’s dinner.. it food. Others not so much.

Does the caged bird sing?
Does the bird even know he’s in a cage?

Do you?

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