The famed talk show host put a message on Facebook tonight: Help me find the stalker who pushed me off the air..

Bell wrote,

I will offer $20,000.00 to anybody providing information leading to the Arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the Stalking Terror resulting in my Leaving the air from MITD.

Art Bell

The talk show legend left MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT last week after multiple incidents pushed him from the program.

Since then, Heather Wade has been hosting the program and received mixed reviews..

The Bell will toll, and $20,000 may result..


Later in the night, hours after the $20,000 cash award, Bell dropped another bombshell on fans and friends:

Ok, this will be my last post. I have had people saying truly awful things about Heather and myself. I have had more then enough stress and grief over this for this Lifetime. I will shortly disable this page and make no more Social Media comments at all since there is no way to explain anything to anybody without people twisting everything said into something awful and hurtful. To my Friends thank you.

And he did not stop there..

BELLGAB–the place where fans and foes alike have come to talk about him and Coast to Coast AM for years–was next.. Bell hit message boarders with this:

Ok, I have had enough, I posted the reward myself and did not consult with the Sheriff, I don’t see why I need to its my money and mostly my problem. While the sheriff’s Dept has responded when called they have been painfully slow to post all the reports I have made. They do the best they can I guess. 

At this point after reading some of the awful things said about Heather and myself I have had enough, I am not coming back to Bell Gab and after a short time of letting that reward sink in I will disable my FB site as well. There is simply no way to win with people like this and I have had enough to stress and sorrow over this for this lifetime. Carry on.


Bell went no in some more Facebook messages to say more of a reason he was disabling his social mediaphere:

No, everything I say here or anywhere is taken, twisted and turned into in some cases outright Slander, I am done


I just read posts that say the only reason Heather got the job is because she is part Asian and got sexual favors from me, I hope she files a lawsuit. I have had it. Goodbye Social Media.

It is not the first time someone got a bad taste from social media.
But with Bell, the fanfare and flare so often offered up by every move he publicly makes, this Saturday night massacre of social media accounts has caused debate and furor in the lives of the thousands of people who have found out so far..

As the desert burns..
The $20,000 is still there.
And if paid, would Bell return?


  1. I can’t blame Art for feeling abused by the hostile-spirited oafs who troll for sheer sociopathic fun. In any group there are sure to be a few. Sad.

    I suppose it goes to the fact there are a boatload of very unhappy people out there who’s only fun is casting crude aspersions on others. Again, this is sad.

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