It’s this weekend..
It’s happening..
Star Wars is about to take over pop culture.. take over movie theaters.. take over the gift selection on Christmas morning.

But will the newest generation of movie going Star Wars fans awaken enough to accept Kylo Ren over Darth Vader? Will the newest generation appreciate the circumstances that befall the heroes of A NEW HOPE, the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, and THE RETURN OF THE JEDI?

There are some prospects that this weekend’s movie going audience will make the FORCE AWAKENS’ profits swell to over $200 mil by the time we hit Sunday. Maybe more.

Actually probably more..

I think there will be more than a few that also see the movie more than one. Or twice.. or thrice..

There will be debates outside of movie the seats.. people soiling and spoiling online without regard to kindness of those who have yet to see the film.

The NEW HOPE was seen by over 230 million people from 1977 through 1979, according to most estimates. This film? Maybe not nearly as much. So does that mean less of a pop cultural impact? Does that mean it’s going to amount to a less significant purpose in society?

Most likely nothing will ever be able to recreate the magic of the original STAR WARS series.  Not even George Lucas was able to do that with the newest batch of forgettable flicks–except Jar Jar Binks, who we actually remember for all the wrong reasons. But this new movie may come close to redefining a series of a new generation.. one that has the unruly mayhem of Kylo Ren as the villain.. and a new generation of Jedis with attitude as the heroes and heroines.


Is THE FORCE AWAKENS going to give us heroes we want? Or heroes we need? Are we going to get the villains we want? Or potentially the villains who will remind us all too well of the madness on Earth?

There are lots of interesting comparisons STAR WARS can have to society at large, the planet of politics and international intrigue..

Pop culture awaits a decision by the movie going audiences of the planet earth. The force awakening? Or just tossing and turning during sleep…?


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