A bad weekend for good guys 

There is an image floating around, courtesy of Twitter and a Drudge Report link. It’s horrible. It’s the scene of bloodshed in Paris inside the Bataclan. Though we have been jaded by a decade plus of terrorism and warfare, along with ‘entertainment’ where torture and murder is more gratuitous than ever, this image was a shock to me. I only could look for a few moments, deciding not to look again.   

Video has also emerged from the site of the concert. The drummer for the United States band Eagles of Death Metal hid behind his drums while shooting began to overtake the crowd.

 There is blood everywhere. Corpses all over..

 Beirut saw terror as well. Though Facebookers and social media users didn’t change their profile picture to the colors of the Lebanon flag, that terror was atrocious just the same. Forty were killed in that Thursday double suicide bombing in a marketplace—another ‘soft target’ as the media would dub it.

 The French attacks were the deadliest since World War II in that nation. They hit places where the youth of the nation were most attracted, a club and bar scene, restaurants, and various places where Friday night patrons would party and socialize. It was the heart of modernity. Savagery greeted it.

 This is the new way of life, the way of the world—this is how it has been but how it will continue.

 France is going through a new life. Post-9/11 in America changed a lot. Paris will now see the same..

 However, there is an overall sense in the air. A feeling. A notion. Something that tells your soul ‘this is not over,’ and perhaps has only just begun.

 National leaders in America now calling for war. Ground troops. Battle.

Containment vs bloodshed..

Iraq blowback..

Lindsay Graham’s thirst. It’s all present in our new debate stage.

 As the world burns.