WTF indeed 

I’m trying to find any good information about the space debris that was at to hit the Indian Ocean near Sri Lanka last night .. And there isn’t much there ..

For al the hype there’s little actually being reported now during the aftermath hours..

There is one article here I found explaining that there was no sighting of anything and potentially that all of the junk had already burned up upon entry into the planet’s atmosphere ..

But another article, linked here, (you’ll need to translate) says that explosions were reported.. Earlier scientists had said that bright flashes of light would be seen at noon time, around 1am EDT..

And since that moment.. Nothing. Silence. No reports, no new tweets, just a constant retweeting of yesterday’s news…

I’m eager for information…

In the mean time there is news of space junk falling and actually being found .. In Spain. A few times now according to the UK EXPRESS..