The greatest American monsters

As a ever so skeptical watcher of the strange and bizarre, I love reading and researching as much as I can when I have time about the unusual around the world and beyond.

On that note, I found an amazing little website called ‘AMERICAN MONSTERS.‘ Love it.

I particular read with interest: The Pocono Wildman by Rob Morphy.  The site location where this humanoid was reportedly seen by teenage sisters in 1970 isn’t too far from my current home base. And it’s around this area where Pocono Wild-men can be seen.. Now whether they are hybrid man/monsters? That is a whole different topic..

A few more noteworthy monsters to read about:

The Westmoreland Monster.
The nine greatest monsters in North America
A skunk ape.
And yes.. not an SNL skit, but a “real” monster–as real as monsters can get: The Goat Man.

Again, one of the best websites out there..

As for Goat boy? One of the worst skits ever on SNL.