The urban legend stays an urban legend 

The myth of the ages: Knives in apples on Halloween night..

It never was true. The ‘candy man’ was but only to the degree that he was trying to kill his own child and use the poison candy as a cover.. 

This year we were treated to countless Facebook posts and national condemnation of whatever criminal would put needles in candy in the Philadelphia area on Halloween night.

The problem with the story: it’s not true..

The AP, which originally ran the tainted treat story November 1, has issued another alert changing the terms of what we know.. 

Sleep well knowing it was a hoax.

It was never true in the 20th century. And remains untrue today..

Sadly all of the people who posted and shared on social networks won’t think the hoax story is nearly as sexy as the original..

And thus, an urban legend lives on. Long after DEAR ABBY helped start it.