Study MAY have found evidence of alternate and parallel universes »

It’s all theoretical at this point..

This story linked is getting an amazing amount of attention. Even the Drudge Report linked it. That seals the deal for an article, despite the media’s dislike of his style, they crave his attention.

This from USA TODAY’s reporting:

While mapping the so-called “cosmic microwave background,” which is the light left over from the early universe, scientist Ranga-Ram Chary found what he called a mysterious glow, the International Business Timesreported.

Chary, a researcher at the European Space Agency’s Planck Space Telescope data center at CalTech, said the glow could be due to matter from a neighboring universe “leaking” into ours, according to New Scientist magazine.

“Our universe may simply be a region within an eternally inflating super-region,” scientist Chary wrote in a recent study in the Astrophysical Journal.

“Many other regions beyond our observable universe would exist with each such region governed by a different set of physical parameters than the ones we have measured for our universe,” Chary wrote in the study.

USA TODAY has a perfect way of dumbing the news down a bit so the average American can read about it.. which in this case is fine to me. It’s beyond my current comprehension. But I promised myself to learn as much about physics as I could before I die. Maybe it’s time now to start learning.

Time slips explained?

Just imagine. An alternate universe bleeding into ours.. How cool. Or scary?

There is a noteworthy piece of information here, besides the actual science. It’s the journalism.

They say that news makes it around the world in 24 seconds instead of the old days of 24 hours. In this case, it took the United States about 5 days of our time (not parallel time) to actually have media outlets begin to report on this study. Over in the UK, across the proverbial pond, attention was given immediately. And excited reporters brought science into the fishwrappers and online rags of Britland. America? A little slow.. and we rely on USA TODAY for the info..

Dr Ranga-Ram Chary examined the noise and residual signals in the cosmic microwave background left over from the Big Bang (pictured) and found a number of scattered bright spots which he believes may be signals of another universe bumping into our own billions of years ago

What this all would come down to, though, is this: An astronomer is making the case that the bright bubbles he found are in a cosmic microwave background. That the signals were from a few hundred thousand years after the Big Bang. And that the physics of such a place would be different from what we know.

Think Interstellar..And that scene from the library, that may haunt me forever. Perhaps the melting pot of universes banging into each other will one day go on to explain some of the spooky and unexplained things we have come to thirst information on.. Or maybe not.

Rational science prevails. Most of the time.
In this instance, it’s certainly rational in my mind to think that an expanding universe(s) would eventually bump into another one.