Premonition saves UCC student from OREGON school shooting

UCC student narrowly avoided massacre thanks to ‘gut feeling’ » VIA THE NY POST

More from the NY POST story:

Bre Larson, 19, who is studying psychology at Umpqua Community College, in Roseburg, had planned to do her homework in the school library at 10 am Thursday, when she was struck by a powerful premonition.

“I had planned go to there to make a Power Point presentation for my speech class. It’s my favorite place to study. I set my alarm for 9 am but I got this weird feeling,” the second-year student said.

“I was talking to myself, thinking, should I go? Something didn’t feel right. It was sort of an instinct, ” she said, adding she went to a gym to work out instead.

An amazing case.

I have heard things of this nature before, I am sure you have too.. It is an example of that nagging voice in our heads–something that many of us have acquired through time but somehow have been told to ignore by the status quo..

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