This is the best of times.. the worst of times.
Allow me to briefly explain.
I love autumn. I have always.. but this year, for some strange reason, I am dreading it.

The weather has already cooled off a bit and it’s been rainy.. My throat has that touch of soreness this morning. I also heard my son coughing a bit.. The changing seasons, along with allergic reasons, is making me dread it all a bit more than usual..

It’s already darkening at night quickly–the time change is coming. September, my favorite month of the year, is also at the mid-point.. Too quick.
Too quick..

I don’t want to super-nostalgize my life with uneeded sadness and grief. The strife I inflict is only due to the mental roadblock to living in the ‘now’ .. I am going to make it a pointed effort to do just that, enjoy each second of time prior to the future arriving.

The wintry weather coming is the real deal. I know now why people my age told me when I was 15 years younger that as an adult I will grow to dislike much of what winter provides. I also see those samy fmaily members, 15 years than they were when they told me that, going through agony with joint pain and reviling the winter even more than I do now. I guess, as time beats on, that will be in the offing for me..

My wife and I have begun the house hunting experiment we set aside prior. We’re looking for a vibrant town. A fun place with stores and things in walking distance. The place we’re at now, here in the heart of the coal region, is wooded and beautiful. It’s quiet and serene. But in the winter, with a storm raging outside, it’s a bit like the hotel in THE SHINING. So out of place, so far away often from a main road, that it’s crippling mentally..

Being stuck in the four walls that keep you safe is a punishment, in a sense. It’s one that hits deeply..

You should enjoy your home base. It should provide comfort and safety. When it becomes a prison during the coldest times of year, as snow piles up on the rock driveway, that’s the sign you’re not in the right place.

Dark lights.
Small city.
Winter’s coming.
Cold and gritty..
Look around,
Find a place.
If you don’t,
You’ll be a case.