The class of 18 learns about 9/11

I cannot fathom it being 14 years already since 9/11.. I have my personal memories, some I have shared in public settings, others I have kept very secret.. I have those images forever in my mind..  

 This morning while hearing news accounts of today’s ceremonies planned in the locations hit by terrorism on September 11, 2001, I realized this: The kids born that year, those who first were welcomed into the world of pain and war, are now coming of age. They are collectively entering their freshmen year.. they are beginning to enter into their formative years .They have no visual memory of 9/11 besides the images they can search. They will learn history lessons about it—history lessons! I have through it.. countless others did too.. As I turned 21, the world shook. People who are 14 years of age now have no conjuring of the world prior to that fateful day on a glorious September morning when towers fell and planes crashed.

 But this is NIGHT TERROR NEWS, and we aim to delve deeper into mysterious realms of strangeness.. And there are lots of tales of that concerning the events of September 11..

A have a few bookmarks that are worth reading.. This somewhat of a record from my website in 2001: 

This is how my site looked that day:

 Recently I read a story posted about the landfill 9/11 remains were taken, and how some accounts led the author of a book to believe that ghosts were freely walking throughout the location.. I feel it insensitive, to a degree, to suggest paranormal happenings in relation to one of the most recent modern sites of mass murder.. but if you believe in paranormal happenings, wouldn’t these locations be the prime places to find bumps in the night? Or the day..

 There is an old story I kept after 9/11, it was printed in NEWSDAY just days after the events that year.. It tells of New Yorkers who claim seeing the towers still in the sky, the outlines of the buildings even at night.. Some said that there were even lights going ‘into the sky’ and that it looked like the Twin Towers. Experts quoted in the story said it was a bit of urban legend, that the heavy experience of what occurred led to the aberration… From the NEWSDAY article then: 

For many New Yorkers, the Twin Towers are legendary. But for some, there is now talk about the buildings, the kind that sometimes spurs urban legends. Some residents of the Lower East Side, who for decades have had an unobstructed view of the majestic 110-story towers simply by glancing down East Broadway or Madison Street, say they see the outlines of the two destroyed buildings.

It was amazing,” said Mike Atta, who works at a grocery store at Rutgers and Madison streets. “It was a light, a straight light going up into the sky. It actually looked like the Twin Towers.”

Atta said many people have stood outside his store on evenings to admire the “ghost” and have spoken to him about it. “Some people say it’s just a light,” Atta said. “Some people say it’s an amazing thing.”

Whether it’s a light that rescue workers are using to illuminate Ground Zero as they dig for survivors or an inexplicable phenomenon, people say they do not fear what they see.

I wasn’t spooked,” said Angela Wu, a volunteer with the nonprofit, community-based Lower Manhattan Residents Relief Coalition, which is helping Lower East Side residents through the aftermath of the World Trade Center attack. “It was sort of a heavy experience.”


 We cannot judge the paranormal in the context of our own reality.. often times the events we see in movies or TV are simply made up misrepresentations of what ‘paranormal’ actually is..

Did people see ghosts and images of towers, and lights in the sky, after 9/11? They say they did. And more than a few.. 
So did they?

I can tell you this: After the events that day, for many months, the air of the entire nation seemed heavy.. it seemed awful. Flags were flying, but things didn’t seem the same again. A certain weight fell over people.. oppressive and depressing weight.

Even as things ‘evened out’ over the following years, one thing was clear: It was a ‘heavy experience’ for everyone…

And now the class of 2018 will learn all about it. Starting this year.

September 2001-September 2015…The years go by so fast.