Blue Beam me up: A figure in the sky dances for multiple cameras to catch it

This video from YouTube user Fausto Perez is making news.. though it was recorded mid-August in Los Angeles, a story in the UK MIRROR and link on the Drudge Report have solidified it in the 15-minutes of fame news cycle that so many of these types of videos garner before vanishing into the memory hole of UFO lure..

But this video is also quite interesting.. if you give it a close watch, the cloud-like image in the sky morphs and almost dances.. It looks like a blob at first, and as the seconds tick away it starts to look more and more like a person in the sky, floating above those watching..

What this looks like to me, more than anything solid, is a hologram.. perhaps a Project BlueBeam creation..

If you’re not aware of BlueBeam, here is a good Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis show to assimilate yourself with the concept..