The ‘economic collapse blog” collapse?

There are times websites are not available for me, and suddenly when I broadcast the outage to the world, the site’s working quite fine and dandy..
But for the past 12 hours or so, the ”ECONOMIC COLLAPSE BLOG”  I visit often has become unavailable ( … Perhaps by the time I write this and you read it, whatever issues will have worked themselves out.

That said, I find it interesting that the blog has been extremely hit with high traffic over the past day because of an article that has been re-linked and re-blogged over and over again: Men’s News Daily re-posted the story here. (  You can also find it on Michael Snyder’s other site here: 

Keep in mind, at press time, the actual ECONOMIC COLLAPSE site is not working. In case it does, the link is here: 

I don’t want to offer any exaggerated reason that a website–broadcasting that an economic collapse is about to occur in the final half of 2015–would not be available.. While I am not saying a purposely takedown took place, it’s certainly going through my mind. I never spoke to the owner of the site, nor do I have personal contact information to find him. At least one site, Rational Wiki, has labeled the owner of the site someone who is less than worthy of being listened to.  Controversy aside, the site is down for everyone at this time:  Maybe just a fluke…