The strange Mexican exorcism: Clyde Lewis’ must listen to show tonight

Radio host Clyde Lewis is offering a must listen to program as I write this post. If you are reading it afterwards, you can always find the show on the Soundcloud page for Ground Zero.

Lewis wrote an article that accompanies tonight’s broadcast.. the topic seemingly bizarre.. but it has been stolen from the headlines of the mainstream–so often lately, paranormal is becoming normal.  Lewis called Ground Zero Archaic Ophis, and he details the recent mass exorcism reported to have taken place on Mexico. That real news story was sent around the world in heavy numbers after the Drudge Report linked it days ago.

Clyde Lewis writes this:

Cardinal Juan Sandoval Íñiguez and Archbishop Emeritus of Guadalajara presided over a mass exorcism held in Mexico, as Spanish Priest Father José Antonio conducted the ritual himself.

The “Pope Francis effect” has been credited with a recent boom in the demand for exorcisms around the world. The Telegraph reported that the appearance of Pope Francis coincided with a surge in the number of people lining up to claim they were possessed by Lucifer or one of his many lieutenants.

Exorcism is a ritual or liturgy through which aims to expel or destroy a supernatural entity that allegedly has taken possession or control of a physical object or living being.

These entities, depending on the beliefs of those involved, can be demons, evil spirits, walk in sprits, incubi and succubae. Many people associate exorcisms with the Christian faith. However, exorcism is present in most major religions, including, Judaism and Islam.

Lewis opened his program with a note that tonight is one of those shows to listen to with the lights turn down.. Perhaps that’s unwise for the faint of heart.
There are times when reality is scarier than fiction.
Like tonight..when demons are being discussed in the wee hours of the morning on a radio or listening device near you.