A media ‘theorist’ (they call people conspiracy theorists when they want to put them down, media theorists when they hire them) Douglas Rushkoff writes in CNN that the hack this week from China of United States government personnel information may be a tremor before the quake..

He writes that it could be a sign of a fragile communication network where nothing is sacred or safe.. He makes this valid point:

“Government officials will surely brush off the damage as minor. Sure, it’s inconvenient for all these workers to have their Social Security numbers and other important records released, but it’s not like the enemy has our nuclear launch codes. But with their hands on private personnel data — particularly that of officials and operatives with the highest levels of security clearance — they have unpredictable leverage in any number of situations.”  

But I would go a step further and yet again bring up that pesky problem: China seemingly is building a massive database for some reason on American citizens..

Perhaps, as some have alluded, they are just waiting to use it when they ‘collect the debt.’

Maybe they are just curious .. maybe it’s nefarious..


Think about it.. any time a government builds a massive database of people by stealing personal and private information, it’s nefarious in nature..

Rushkoff’s article is good..
Take a read.