Ain’t that America..

There are already very opinionated schools of thought on the video we are going to link here.. And I will give mine as well..
You are about to see a video showcasing a police officer from McCinney, Texas, throwing a young teenage black girl to the ground repeatedly and lashing out at others. When her friends defended her, he pulled his gun and was visibly held back by other police officers.

All of this because, the story goes, police were called to the seen when reports were filed that “too many black teens” were at a party swimming..

The video cannot be unseen after seeing it.
The first few seconds gives us laughable moments where the cops acted more like Barney Fife on a moronic mission than law enforcement.. Then we get treated to minute after minute of police hurling insults at the teenagers..
And at 3 minutes in, we get the moment where the officer lost his composure, lost his cool and repeatedly threw own a young girl to the ground as she tearfully said for someone to ‘call my momma’.

There are always two sides to the story. In this situation, the police have theirs:

Police officers were first called to the scene about 7:15 pm (8:15 p.m. ET) to respond to a disturbance at the Craig Ranch Community North Pool in the Dallas area. Several more calls came in reporting that juveniles at the pool were “actively fighting,” police said.

McKinney police said in a statement that officers who arrived on scene “encountered a large crowd that refused to comply with police commands.”

I have seen countless messages saying the teens deserved it.. I have seen an equal amount slamming the cops for the unfair slam of an innocent child.

Let’s be clear.. let’s be frank. Let’s be brutally honest.

This is not America. OR .. is it?
Is this the new America? The one where we have become so accustomed to seeing police in Darth Vader outfits hiding behind trees and forcing, in this scenario, teenagers to the ground with violence? The one where we fear the moment a police officer is behind us?

A police officer uses violence only if he or she is backed into a corner and has no choice.. Not acting like FREDDY KRUEGER from NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET PART 2 at the swimming party finale..
Cops are meant to be heroes. Not monsters with badges..

Of course we do not see what leads to the police being called.. we don’t know if there were fights or other moments of unruly behavior.

But the video seems to showcase the worst ways to handle younger teenagers, crowd control, and large gatherings..

If you go to 6 minutes and 30 seconds into the video, you will also see these ‘unruly’ kids being kind, honest, patient, and polite to the police–at least at that moment.

The run up will matter. But the follow up does too.. and this video should give you extreme discomfort ..

And a note to persons of all races, colors, genders, and creeds: Being nice to the police state will get you no where.