New numbers from New York City: Crime is soaring..

All eyes on Mayor Deblasio as the police commissioner says the bad old days are back..

The old days of grime and goons?

Who has not seen the intro to NIGHT COURT or any 80s movie that showcases the big apple as a cesspool of epic proportions, where crime is rampant and the only thing that may actually be able to rescue the faltering city is a masked caped crusader or a flying super hero from outer space.. The entire scene turned around in the early 1990s.. People angrily opposed Rudolph Guiliani’s cut down of petty crime, but it cleaned the city and made it a tourist hit. The NYC of 80s TV looked very different when compared to the 90s SEINFELD. Pop Culture took notice of the changing landscape of the city..

But enter the modern era: the number of murders spiked 19.5% during the first five months of the year, the number of people shot is up 9.2% and the number of shooting incidents jumped 9%

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