Fear!! A school went into lock down after a man was witnessed walking around it in a STAR WARS stormtrooper outfit.. This happened in Salem.

The stormtrooper in question was 40-year-old George Cross.. Police acknowledge his STAR WARS gun was not real, but also said that you can’t really do such things in today’s fearful environment..

The principal said the school erred on the side of caution. Others say it was an error. Though then SALEM NEWS article doesn’t official account for the reason the man was dressed up in a STAR WARS outside, the comments section make it more clear.. he was not in the school property but visible from the school, and there is speculation that he was potentially a member of 501st Legion, the group of people who dress up as storm troopers for children’s charities.. But this stormtrooper was charged with disturbing a school with his space gun on the last day of class..