A teen girl from Washington State jumped to her death off a bridge days after her dad posted a ‘public shaming’ video to YouTUBE..

This is a crazy new generation.. I am serious.

Everyone needs to take a chill pill, to borrow a term from the 80s not uttered in public since then. I have had a few conversations with people regarding this ‘public shaming’ craze.. I think it’s downright sickening.

The bullying that kids do is wretched as well, along with any monstrous attempt of children to make light of others by using social media against them.  In trying to teach my son manners and respect, we are informing him slowly but surely of what other kids will eventually tell him to do. I hope by the time he is of school age, that he will make a choice soundly to reject bigotry, ageism, racism, sexism, and nonsense.

My wife and I pray we will have done our jobs and keep him from bullying.

We pray harder he will not be bullied. But if he falters or fails, the last thing we will do is look for public consumption or attention with these ridiculous ‘public shaming’ videos.. The adolescent going through puberty has enough on his or her plate..Enough that a public shaming video that gets picked up by Drudge or made famous on TUMBLR or YOUTUBE will only add to.. Public shaming, in a sense, is no different than bullying.. The real way we teach our kids to be bullied is by doing it–they do what they see and not what they are told to do. They act respectful if a parent does.. they act responsible if a parent does.

This isn’t a lesson taught by the Bible or tradition.. You can simply learn this lesson by watching WILLIE WONKA. The bag egg who wanted it all? She was discarded into the garbage heap.. As was her father afterwards.. because the lessons of life are passed down and often times parents neglect a thoughtful look in the mirror.

Instead they, like their children, want instant fame and fortune. And they make shaming videos.
In this situation, of Izabel Laxamana, she was shamed and then committed suicide days after.

Perhaps a cautionary tale exists here: If a child commits an act of animalistic behavior, all forms of technology should be disposed of for a while.. And maybe, if the child is old enough, a visit to the Holocaust museum may be in order.

That way the tired tot could see just how real bullies succeeded in their goals… that life lesson, history lesson, and morality tale is most likely a better recourse than a parent picking up a devil’s device and filming a public shaming video of the child he or she is supposed to love more than life.

Just a thought..Disagree if you will, but I will stand by my statement..