High praise for THE NIGHTMARE

This seems to be up Night Terror News’ alley: Nightmares ..

A new documentary about night terrors–sleep paralysis to be exact–is getting rave reviews from horror sites and professionals in the medical field alike.. The documentary tells the tale of real people who suffer from the most misunderstood and yet most feared–when it happens–event: Seeing ghouls and shadow people all the while your body is fixated in a position and unable to move.

Rodney Ascher is the creator of THE NIGHTMARE.. the key point selling to horror crowds: The documentary style reenactments of the terror that real people felt during their sleep paralysis.

The movie promises to be so frightening that BLOODY DISGUSTING, a popular horror site, even asked if this movie may be scarier than IT FOLLOWS, the other big horror hit of the year. B-D also showed a clip exclusive to its site of THE NIGHTMARE (following another clips DEADLINE shared in a January ‘exclusive’) Yes indeed.. judging from that clip, this may be not only a frightening documentary about a real syndrome, but also an important movie to get sleep paralysis out more into the open and talked about in the light of day… since the dark of night can often be the scariest time for an unknown number of people who suffer from this.