It may not be what the host expected. Earlier today, Bell wrote some ground rules on his Facebook page for those who want to consider MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT for radio broadcast. The program, which was meant to be online only, has evolved into a syndicated show of larger proportions than expected.

Bell wrote,

I want to keep things in perspective, what we are about to do is designed to be A Streaming Live show, I have mixed feelings about commercial stations joining. On the one hand it is flattering that they are even before the show starts, BUT I am not trying to build a Network, I already climbed that mountain and we ended up bought out and then changed in ways I will not gripe about here.

We have rules which are documented on the page for stations, if somebody wants to change those rules I will not play the game, greed kills creativity. Been down that road and will not do it again.

He went on to say,

That does not mean don’t go get those stations, it means I will not see this turn into a repeat of what happened before. I just heard WIBC in Indy lost Rush, somebody Should call them. The rules are no more then (6) commercial minutes per Hour and it shall remain so.

With all of those notes of caution announced, the bigger news came as night started to fall over the desert in Pahrump, Nevada.

Art Bell posted this update,

Oh my! Here comes a biggie!!

Welcome CFRB 1010 AM in
Toronto, Canada 50,000 Watts

And this update,

Wow now please add:

KCAA 1050 AM Loma Linda, Ca

KXKS 1190 AM and KXKS 107.5
Albuquerque, NM

These stations are in addition to the many that have already joined onto the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS, including,

WIZR 930 AM Johnstown, NY
WIZR FM 102.9 FM Johnstown, NY
WCSS 1490 AM Amsterdam, NY
WKAJ 1120 AM St Johnsville, NY

KGED Fresno, Ca 1680 AM
KTOX Needles, CA 1340 AM
KNYE Pahrump, NV 95.1 FM
KPAK 97.5 MHz FM, Alva, OK. 50,000 Watts
KERN in Bakersfield, CA
WBCQ Shortwave
on 7.490 and 9.330 MHz. Also WXME AM 780

There is an informal test set for July 19 on Tunein.

The real program begins on July 20–and by that time the affiliate list may grow considerably.

The other evening, George Noory briefly appeared on the podcast GABCAST. Noory, who faced probing questions from the hosts,  remarked that he built Coast to Coast AM up from 400+ affiliates to over 600.  That may be true–though some allege Noory comes with a package deal that Premiere offers to often struggling AM radio stations. But in 2015, the playing field has changed. Once a show without night time competition, Coast to Coast now faces a prickly summer: A new contender is coming to the paranormal radio market. His name is Art Bell.

2015 may be known for two paranormal related occurrences: The return of X-FILES, for a brief time. And the return of Art Bell, the time period he stays is to be determined. But at least 15 (and counting) stations are banking on a long haul past midnight..