George Noory isn’t talking about the return of Art Bell this summer, but instead a dating website. According to Noory, the host of Coast to Coast his listeners demanded a forum for them to express themselves without fear.. People who, Noory would claim, love ‘science ghosts and UFOs’ (some may think lumping all three of those subjects together may be flawed from the get to), wanted a place to find a mate. A soul mate.. Or perhaps inner dimensional being love regardless of the realm.

Born: PARANORMALDATE.COM…A website with tacky colors and an even tackier logo.

I suppose George Noory figured out his protect the grid movement was falling flat… sex sells, so why not.

Lee Speilel wrote an overly kind piece about the NOORY love line on HUFFINGTON POST, calling Noory a beloved host with 600 stations..

While others may doubt the abilities of the former victim of pizza rolls, PARANORMALDATE.COM will stand on its own.. It will be as successful as the single people clamoring for a paranormal loving lover can make it.

On that note, at press time the FACEBOOK page has 3 likes.

A small dating pool so far..

Perhaps they’re too busy listening to Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis or waiting for MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT will Art Bell to get busy gettin’ busy..