‘Please turn down your radios’

Art Bell is set to launch MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT this summer, but plans seem to be morphing more than expected in Camp Bell..

According to original plans, Bell and Keith Rowland envisioned an online only scenario with SKYPE and other downloadable apps being the primary source of conversation and broadcasting..

However, as the Bell name begins to circulate around the radio infrastructure, Bell has been given multiple requests to broadcast MIDNIGHT on AM radio stations in various parts of the nation..

Bell already confirmed that he will not only have an online presence in July, but that shortwave radio will also carry his program live. Along with that, Bell tonight has confirmed that WBCQ Shortwave on 7.490 and 9.330 MHz.

And them came the past..
As though it was the 1990s again, AM radio has called with requests..

WXME AM 780 in Maine has been confirmed already as a station that will carry the program.

The station made the announcement today on its website, also reporting:

Art will be joining Allan Weiner on Allan Weiner Worldwide this Friday evening at 8:00 PM US Eastern time (Saturday 0000 UTC) on WBCQ 7.490 and 5.110 MHz shortwave

Meanwhile, the ball seems to be rolling and other stations are calling.

That prompted a cautionary message from the radio host on Facebook tonight:

Yes, this seems to be a unintended result, we are getting requests now for commercial stations that want to carry the show, as mentioned there is no reason to say no. We will have at least (2) fixed breaks at the bottom and top of the Hour. We will carry a max of 6 minutes of spots per hour, so while not trying to discourage any station, they will have to take the three hours as is. Again please don’t contact me, first come first served for any given market and again please go to www.artbell.com. Jeez, I guess this means I still might have to say please turn down your Radio!


Bell went on to say,

I can not think of a good reason to say no even though the original idea was just to be live on the Net. It will be a 48kbps HEAAC Stereo signal and it will sound awesome. BTW KNYE in Pahrump WILL carry it as well

And with that said.. “Turn down your radio” may be the dominant phrase instead of a 21st century SKYPE warning..

MIDNIGHT comes July 20, 2015..

  1. There is no mention that Art Bell first announced that he would be on shortwave station WTWW – 5085 KHz. WTWW has been promoting this for a month now on the air & Art posted it on his Facebook page a while back. There is even an audio clip from when Art was listening & testing the signal. It would be nice if you didn’t leave WTWW out.