The Iron Chef. Literally

Moley Robotics' automated kitchen cooks for attendees at CES Asia in Shanghai. Photo: AFP
Service works take note: The future is coming for you..

It’s about to eat up your professions just as quickly as it did manufacturing. The case in point is this news story about the world’s first ‘robot kitchen cook,’ one so good that it can cook up to 2000 dishes.

And this is just the infancy of the future of how your food is made..

At first the ‘cook’ is being marketed to individuals in homes, people who don’t have the time or desire to cook their own meals.

But everything is eventual. It will also move to fast food.. and gourmet fare.. Believe me, the fights right now about fast food workers demanding a higher minimum wage will look ludicrous when there are no fast food workers left, when they have been fully replaced by machines.

I sense that day is coming faster than what people realize..

And it all starts with the machine chef that could cook 2000 meals (and counting) with ease..