Catholic priests are joining in the paranormal CHARLIE CHARLIE fever.. They aren’t heralding demonic entities, but instead sounding alarms about those who do..

The UK MIRROR has the story about a well known priest writing an open letter to students at a well known Catholic school about a now well-known game that once was simply tucked away in the annals of Mexico’s folklore.. Jasper Hamill writes this:

A Catholic priest has apparently issued an urgent warning about the dangers of “summoning a demon” by performing the weird Charlie Charlie Challenge.

In an open letter to pupils at a well-known Catholic school, Father Stephen McCarthy appears to have told told pupils there was no way of knowing what would happen if they decided to invite a Mexican ghoul into their home.

The letter was shared on Twitter by a pupil at the Saints John Neumann and Mario Goretti Catholic High School in Philadelphia, America.

Of course there is a caveat to the heavenly warning:

The letter has not been verified by Fr McCarthy or anyone at Saints John Neumann and Mario Goretti Catholic High School.

We have contacted the school for comment.

Last night I wrote a bit of a quick opinion on the CHARLIE CHARLIE phenom with two points, one being that the whole thing could be fake and meaningless if the paranormal also isn’t real, but on the other hand could have elements of danger if even only a small fraction of paranormal is real..

I have concluded myself, just as I have vowed to never try a OUIJA board even for fun, that I won’t be getting into habits of trying to get CHARLIE’s attention..

The whole thing could be a mess of a fakery.. But people said the same thing about SLENDERMAN.. Until he became a tulpa.. until an attempted murder..

There are some who discount any chance of an afterlife, a beforelife, or a vastly amazing real reality beyond the boundaries of the human condition. Others see a likelihood of something more. Perhaps a God. Perhaps a force of evil, a source of hate.. Maybe even CHARLIE..

Some people online are mocking this priest, it seems.. Others are saying the same cautionary wording that he is attributed to saying..

You can decide on your own which is the best course of action: Let CHARLIE rest.. or play.

Just don’t forget to end your game…….