Memorial Day ‘weak’ end at the box office

MEMORIAL DAY BOX bombs!! The weekend has gone cold for film.. Usually a huge summer blockbuster gets released around this time of the year, and this year is even worse than 2010’s Memorial Day box.. gone are those amazing SPIDERMAN weekends..

Here is TOMORROWLAND with only $40 mil, PITCH PERFECT barely at $38 mil.. POLTERGEIST flops big time with a fourth place finish only eating up $27 mil of Americans’ money..

Not even last week’s hit MAD MAX could muster up more than $30 mil for the four day weekend..

My thoughts: There was something pretty amazing in some large areas of the United States this weekend, something not seen often in this nation: A blue sky, perfect in appearance without a chemtrail in sight.. A nice summer breeze .. a largely amazing and breathtaking sight to behold. Maybe people decided that this Memorial Day, they’d get back to nature.. or maybe the crop of crap that was released in box offices Memorial Day 2015 was just not that great.. . . People will wait until the ROCK saves California as it is dissolved by a monster quake, or when dinosaurs break loose and terrorize innocent park patrons. That’s when the real movie season will begin.