An old day. A new day. An old day. A new way

I had a very in depth discussion with a seer this week.. She explained a few things that, one could contrive are just happenstance and chance predictions, and others may say are true messages from beyond..

The odd part: A few things actually seemed to all combine together in a sensible few moments of clarity today..
I wrote down most of what I was told simply to go back in the future and see how right it all wrong.. But today, today alone, about a dozen or so things all happened before my eyes—-the words all made sense. It wasn’t a Sylvia Browne moment.. it wasn’t a MISS CLEO thing. It was a real and true chat about what matters, why it matters, how it matters, and how it makes sense.

Life is compartments.. the brain is meant to close a few books now and then. The flesh is meant to break apart but the soul is made to move to the next class..

I will keep the words told to me private.. And besides, some would simply count it all as a hoax..

But I will simply say this, as explained, one chapter was closed today. Not with a bang but a whimper.

Suddenly it feels like a new one has begun with a train whistle and the sound of motorcycles, spring breezes, and laughter of a child.
Time to take in only the things that matter..
Only the things that matter..