The POLTERGEIST remake is released today.. For better or worse..

And while some horror fans may be enthusiastic about the prospects of the classic film, modernized, being in theaters, others are decrying a lack of imagination, and over abundant use of CGI, and a sloppy uninspired mess of a movie..

You can find the reviews yourself–the review roundup on ROTTEN TOMATOES isn’t pretty, with the film scoring less than half positive press with writers.. 

Horror site BLOODY DISGUSTING checked in with its own review of the movie, with the site lamenting the overuse of special effects, the acting that just doesn’t seem to be convincing, and a climax of the movie suffering from what Kalyn Corrigan called fake-looking spirits..

The movie, it can be said, doesn’t prove itself when compared to the classic from the early 1980s.. I frankly still can’t understand why this movie was picked from the litter of horror films as the target for a re-do.

There was almost no need, perhaps less of a need than even Rob Zombie’s messups of the HALLOWEEN films. POLTERGEIST, circa 1982, is a movie about family, love, spirits, death, mystery, and illusion.

The modern fare seems more bent on cheap scares and lousy special effects that don’t do anything but give a jump or two in a movie theater. Certainly no long-lasting nostalgia will be created by this remake..

Poorly done, from the reviews I have read, and perhaps something not at all worth it in theaters..