The game of life.. the game of HATRED

“From the start, the idea of Hatred was supposed to be like it is now. I mean, we somehow knew that the media and some people would find it disturbing and shocking, but we also felt that gamers need something like Hatred, because the market is filled with too many sterile and far too polite games. A little bit of dirt and murky atmosphere never hurt anyone. As you have seen lately, gamers have rushed into support this project, with amazing numbers of Greenlight votes. So if there is a need for such games, we feel that we did the game concept well.”

They are the words of Destructive Creations business developer Przemysław Szczepaniak in an interview with VICE about the controversial new game HATRED

Get read to read and hear a lot of debate and wild comments being made about this game.. The main plot of HATRED: You can play a mass murdering psychopath. And that’s about it..

You can do all the killing you want..
You can gameplay murder as long as you want..

One more point on the interview in VICE: The business developer Szczepaniak *say that five times fast* also said this about the brutal honesty of HATRED when compared to other games:

Any killing game is about violence. It doesn’t matter if you try to justify it by a twist in the storyline, because you are still killing to reach a certain goal. Killing is always wrong. We show with Hatred how killing can be cruel; we did not justify anything about [it] – this is our honesty.

There is no doubt.. if you play HATRED, you will kill and that’s the goal.. For some that is the beauty of this game. To others, that’s the real reason to be scared: The cover is off and the truth is being spoken.. HATRED wants you to score some good death numbers.. Confined to the GAME.. of course..

Even if it is..