Shadows and countdown clocks linger in the desert. Or the Green Screen

ISIS Posts Clock Counting Down To Zero Online As Time Is Running Out For Japanese Hostages »

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A countdown clock?
ISIS continues to use modern technology to put death in the face of humanity..

This from AP:

The posting, which appeared Friday, shows a clock counting down to zero along with gruesome images of other hostages who have been beheaded by the group.

ISIS gave Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe a 72-hour deadline – which expired Friday – to pay a $200 million ransom for the two hostages. The Friday posting on a forum popular among Islamic State militants and sympathizers did not show any images of the Japanese hostages.

Japan said it will not be paying the $200 million ransom that has been demanded..

According to various reports, officials are cautiously watching Internet postings and Twitter messages globally to watch for any sign that images or videos of murder have been posted..

But on the topic of ISIS itself, many are beginning to ponder the set and scenery of the videos being filmed. The shadows on the faces of the hostages don’t match the shadows of their bodies.. at time it looks like the speaker is superimposed and has a photoshopped hand.. And some have even joked that the background looks more like Luke Skywalker’s home planet from STAR WARS than it does a desert in the Middle East..

A good collection of thoughts and Twitter messages on the potential fakery is on THE DAILY SHEEPLE..