The crematorium from hell

CBS Chicago is following breaking details Cremation Services Inc.  Reporter Brad Edwards dispatched this in his latest report about the developing situation:

An investigation into the possible illegal selling of human body parts continues after two suburban locations were raided Tuesday.

CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports it is part of a year-long, national investigation.

Sources tell Edwards that at Cremation Services Inc. in Schiller Park they’re sifting through hundreds of body parts. The facility was raided by FBI agents on Tuesday, along with an office called the Biological Resource Center of Illinois in Rosemont, a body donation service.

Records show that Donald Green is the owner.. and now the spotlight is on his company after today’s information has become known to the public..

Edwards continues to report that a business of the same name was raided in Arizona.. He reports,

A business under the same name was recently raided in Arizona, part of the tentacles in an ongoing investigation that started in Detroit, where a now shuttered east side warehouse was used to house thousands of body parts on ice, allegedly fresh for the black market.


Jason Meisner from the Chicago TRIBUNE says this:

The raids began Tuesday at Cremation Services Inc., 9329 W. Byron St. in Schiller Park, and at Biological Resource Center, 9501 W. Devon Ave. in Rosemont, according to Joan Hyde, a spokeswoman for the FBI field office in Chicago. The FBI as well as agents with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were involved, Hyde said.

David Porter, an FBI special agent in Detroit, said the search warrants were sought by his office, but neither he nor Hyde would comment on the nature of the ongoing criminal investigation.

The searches appear to be connected to an ongoing probe that unfolded in Detroit in late 2013 when agents there raided International Biological and hauled away what appeared to be body parts. The owner’s license was suspended by the state, but no criminal charges have been filed.

The news has been broadcast from the local television stations and fishwrappers in the Windy City and now the world has picked up the information.. the UK DAILY MAIL is one of then publications focusing on the FBI raid and the hundreds of body parts being discovered in the federal raid..

The body part industry on the black market has become a massive problem across the world.

As recently as 2014, body parts could go as high as $157,000 on the market..Skin tallied up at $10 per square inch.. The scalp was around $607..

The latest information from Illinois simply reinforces the already known notion that the body trade market is alive and well, though those being sent around the world are typically chopped up and long dead..