Regaining my space

MySpace CEO Tim Vanderhook told the Wall Street Journal that the site still draws 50 million visitors a month. That’s a massive 575% leap over last year’s traffic. »


And what better place to do a throwback Thursday than a throwback website to the early days of social networking..?

Nostalgia is en vogue.. As we all collectively age, a whole new generation is getting even more nostalgic for times that are not even that long gone.

And that’s MYSPACE’s angle and success mechanism to getting a 500% increase in click traffic..

Now for all of you out there who haven’t logged in to MYSPACE for a few years, good luck remembering your password.

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There is a certain part of me that misses Myspace, and even AOL.. In those moments online, you could escape. You can dethrone yourself from the small little kingdom of self gratification. One of the best features of AIM was the ‘away message,’ when you would announce in dramatic fashion why you were suddenly unavailable. Even though, most times, you were sitting right there waiting for someone to message you anyway..

So for Myspace to make a sudden reemergence onto the scene? That is interesting, to say the least.
Nostalgia.. that’s the key.
People, in general, are longing for a simpler time–one that never existed. But virtual world wise, it did..

Myspace Tom Twitter exchange

But was Tom ever really a friend?